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Tall Aluminum Beer Sleeve

1 Tall Outgraved Coaster




Original Aluminum Beer Sleeve

1 Outgraved Coaster


Beer Sleeve​​


AlumiCool ​​

King AlumiCool

1 King Size Outgraved Coaster


The Alumicool can Sleeve was designed with inspiration from the following two concepts: a Coaster and a Coozie. With this in mind, you can either remove the can from the sleeve for a sip, or pick up the whole sleeve to have a drink. Either way you choose to use it, each AlumiCool Sleeve is crafted with a close-fitting inner diameter in order to provide a suction cup like effect that securely holds your canned beverage.

The king sized AlumiCool Sleeve is designed to hold either the original or tall Alumicool. It is able to lower the smaller Alumicool Sleeves gently to the bottom and therefore creates a double walled insulated AlumiCool for your can. Please see video for demonstration!

Our Alumicool Sleeves can be placed in a fridge, freezer, or cooler before use to keep your beverage of choice chilled for a longer period of time. If choosing to do this, you can remove the can from the sleeve when wanting a drink, without freezing your hands on the AlumiCool itself. Or keep your hands on the king sized Sleeve while it holds the cold original or tall sleeve!

The AlumiCool Coaster is 98% pure aluminum and currently available in three sizes:
ORIGINAL – 1.75" of the can will show (with a regular sized beverage can)

TALL – The lip of the can will show (with a regular sized beverage can)

KING - This piece is designed to allow either the Original or Tall to slide in for double wall insulation