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Aluminect Set of 5

1 Aluminect Center

4 Aluminect Candleholders

Aluminect Connecting Candleholder

1 Four in One Candleholder

Size: 2.75" X 2.00"


The Aluminects are the first of their kind and invented by Alumination Canada. They are an innovative candleholder that slide into each other providing an endless array of potential designs. Each candleholder is manufactured with the four in one hole making them capable of holding tealights, tapered, votives, and our custom fitting oil lamp.


Outgraving is a process that we have created here at Alumination. It is the unique design featured on the top of our candle holders. We use harmonics and vibration to create the pattern. Each pattern is unique and difficult to replicate. The outgraved design on the pieces ordered will vary from the pictures. 

Aluminect Connecting Center

1 Four in One Candleholder

Size: 4.00" X 4.00"


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Aluminect - Center

AlumiNect ​​

Aluminect - Set of 5

Aluminect -  Candleholder